Meet the fish

We love fish, we know them well. Let us introduce you to some of our favourites.


AKA : Barra, Giant Perch

About Barramundi – Barramundi live in tropical/sub-tropical river estuaries across northern Australia from the Mary river in Queensland to the Ashburton river in WA. Stocks of this fish are good. The flesh of Barramundi is soft to medium firm, generally moist when cooked. Salt-water barramundi are more tasty than river fish. Barramundi suits being cooked battered and fried but also makes a great grilled fish.

Blue Eye

AKA: Blue Eye Trevalla, Pacific Blue Eye

About Blue Eye – Blue Eye are found on the continental slope from Sydney to Albany. They have a firm, moist, delicately flavoured flesh. Fillets will hold up well when grilling, frying or BBQ’ing and it can handle robust flavours.

Break Sea Cod

AKA: Black arse Cod

About Break Sea Cod – Breaksea Cod is found only in Western Australia between Shark Bay and the Recherche Archipelago. An Excellent firm white, sweet fleshed fish. Suits most cooking methods.

Giant Boarfish

AKA : Duckfish, Sowfish, Yellow Spotted Boarfish

About Giant Boarfish – Five species of boarfish inhabit the southern waters of Australia, they are the most common fish on deep-water reefs. The giant boarfish is the most widespread of the five, ranging as far north as northern NSW and Perth.

Boarfish has a firm, white flesh – an excellent table fish. Can be grilled, battered or breadcrumbed.


AKA: Wrasse

About Groper- Found on reefs between Geraldton WA almost round to Melbourne. Over-fished near Perth but sustainable along the south coast of WA. Groper is a fantastic table fish.

Gummy Shark

AKA : Flake

About Gummy Shark – A small to medium size, bottom-dwelling shark found mostly (but not exclusively) in the southern seas of Australia from around Shark Bay in WA to Port Stevens in NSW. To eat, Gummy Shark is soft with tight-grained flesh. Mild & sweet flavour with a clean, bright note of clotted cream.


AKA: Hapuku, New Zealand Groper

About Hapuka – Found along the southern coasts of Australia & the New Zealand continental shelf, Hapuka stocks are managed by quotas in both Australia & New Zealand – so it is considered to be sustainable. The Hapuka has large, moist flakes – soft to firm (depending on the season & the size of the fish) and is best grilled.


About Leatherjacket – Leatherjacket are found in estuarine, coastal and offshore waters to depths of 250m or more. Stocks are good so they are regarded as a sustainable fish. Leatherjacket is firm & tight-grained. Has a mild, delicate & sweet flavour.

Mahi Mahi

AKA: Dolphin Fish, Dorado

About Mahi Mahi – “This fish is so good they named it twice!” (Australian Fish & Best Cooking) Soft when small, firm when larger. Sweet, clean and mild flavour. Don’t overcook (rare to medium rare). Grilled, Mahi Mahi makes excellent steaks.


AKA : Jewfish

About Mulloway- Found from about the Burnett River in Queensland across southern Australia and up the coast of Western Australia as far north as Exmouth. Stock status is good. Short flakes, soft and moist with a big flavour.


AKA : Bright Red Fish, Red Snapper

About Nannygai – Found in South Australia & Western Australia. Prefers deep-water reefs 100 to 250m deep and stock numbers are healthy. Flesh is firm and white. Very tasty; mild, clean & sweet with light notes of melon. This top-shelf fish is best enjoyed pan-fried or raw.


About Octopus – Octopus are found all around Australia. Soft to firm texture. Sweet, rich umani and a distinct savoury palate. Large octopus, especially those from WA, taste like lobster; because that is what they eat!

Pink Ling

About Pink Ling – Inhabits the continental shelf & slope at depths between 20 and 1000m. Found in southern Australian waters off NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia & Western Australia. Because it yields large, boned-out fillets & steaks (which retain their shape well when cooked), Pink Ling is a popular species for both home & commercial cooking. Has a lovely taste.

Pink Snapper

About PinkSnapper – Found north from Karatha round to central Queensland coast in inshore rocky areas & offshore reefs to a depth of 200m. This is one of Australia’s premier table fish… firm with coarse flakes when raw. Fleshy and moist when cooked, sweet & mild flavour.

Queen Snapper

AKA: Southern Blue Morwong

About Queen Snapper – Moves in schools around inshore and offshore reefs along the South Australian and Western Australian coasts as far north as Lancelin (just north of Perth)


AKA : Barra, Giant Perch

About Samson – Mainly found between Shark Bay WA and the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia; also (but less common) between Moreton Bay QLD and Jervis Bay NSW. Prefers open water around reefs.

Silver Trevally

AKA: Blue-fin Trevally, Big-eye Trevally.

About Silver Trevally – Found on inshore reefs around estuaries mainly off SE Australia and all around NZ. Silver Trevally is regarded as a sustainable fish. It is an oily fish with a medium to firm texture. A superb table fish with a rich, robust taste.


AKA : Tassel Fish, Blind Tassel Fish, Blue Salmon, Cooktown Salmon, Colonial Salmon, Kingfish.

About Threadfin – Found in rivers, creeks & sandflat areas of the tropics from the Burnett River in Queensland across the Northern Territory and down the west coast of WA. The flesh is firm & white with an excellent flavour. Has a reputation as a fine food fish.


AKA: King George Whiting, Sand Whiting (sometimes referred to as Red Spot Whiting)

About Whiting – About 10 species of whiting are caught in Australian waters but two stand out: King George Whiting found off SE Victoria, South Australia and southern WA; and the Sand Whiting found from southern NSW to southern WA (including NE Tasmania). Considered sustainable, both King George & Sand Whiting have a firm, light texture and a delicate, sweet flavour.