A History of Specials

We make something different every night based on what is inspiring us, what came in with today’s catch and what vegetables are in season right now. Our specials speak of our passions and are part of our story. You won’t find a particular plate from here when you come to dinner but you will always find something special

Fish Rillettes

Herbed fish rillettes (a pate of sorts) served with house made lithuanian style garlic rubbed grain bread

Esperance Octopus

Esperance Octopus marinated in fresh herbs, gourmet potatoes & smokey paprika

Blue Eye Parisienne

Mikes dinner. Blue Eye Parisienne. Local fish, local veg shoppe, country yokel cooks, modern plate.  #supportinglocalfishermen #fishdinner #seafood #local #seafoodindustry #esperancerestaurants #regionalrestaurant #visitesperance #esperancewa

W.A Tiger Prawn

W.A Tiger Prawn, grilled w/ Roast Garlic, Lemon Zest & Chilli Butter. Tomato Sauce. Available all week, better than a shrimp on the Barbie? #waseafood #endeavourfoods #aussieseafood #prawn #cafefood #esperancerestaurants #visitesperance #experienceesperance

Pickled Esperance Sardines

To my surprise these Pickled Esperance Sardines w/ Carrot Salad & CarawaySeed Bread has been a slow burner, with favourable comments. Now 3-5 serves per service is not groundbreaking but given its meritorious status here as bait (and market share as such) I am pleasantly enamoured its found a niche. 3 days in brine, 30…